You can take six classes per day... or attend three classes in the morning and spend the afternoon exploring the area, or enjoying a leisurely walk.


Classes run 8:30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.


Here are some of the classes being offered -- which six
would you pick? We have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


  • Rally obedience various levels

  • Obedience for a better behaved dog

  • Tricks & Games have fun!

  • Loose leash walking no leash pulling

  • Agility jumps, tunnels, A-frame...

  • Freestyle dance does your dog like jazz or hip hop?

  • Dog Talk to better understand canine behaviour

  • K-9 disc teach your dog to catch a frisbee

  • Canine Good Neighbour (earn a CKC title!)

  • Reliable recall an essential obedience skill

  • Scent detection

  • Acting for dogs tricks of the trade to become a star!

    * classes subject to change depending on participants and their training level

DOG SPORTS: Would you pick these 6?

The objective is to have fun...
no experience required!

AGILITY: An obstacle course for dogs!
Beginner or intermediate, there’s a class,
or two, for you!

K-9 DISC: Teach your dog to catch a high-flying disc, then learn neat tricks. Great fun you both
can enjoy anywhere!

OBEDIENCE: Take the Canine Good Neighbour class, obedience or rally -- or all three! You’ll leave with a better behaved companion.

For all dogs that love to run and chase. No experience required -- just GO!


BARN HUNT: Yes, there is a rat in that tube, but it’s a well cared for and fearless pet! This sport tests your dog’s instinct and sense of smell.

TRICKS & GAMES: The fun class -- learn new skills, new tricks and take part in a few games.
Can your dog learn to skateboard?